2 Erection Exercises That Will Give You A Harder Penis

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I would like to introduce you to your PC Muscle.

The PC in “pc muscle” stands for Pubococcygeus. Your PC muscle is responsible for the health of your pelvic floor, and strengthening your erections.

But, that’s not all it’s used for.

You have to keep this muscle in tiptop shape in order to maximize your sexual experiences.

Exercising your PC muscle regularly will lengthen the time of lovemaking and make you ejaculate much more intensely.

When you get to a point that you’ve achieve THAT MUCH of a healthy PC muscle, you will be able to actually hang a towel over your erections, and raise and lower your penis AT WILL.

Keep in mind that because you can do these exercises just about anywhere and at any time, there is absolutely NO EXCUSE to neglect your exercises. No one will know that you’re squeezing, unless you give dead giveaways that you’re doing SOMETHING unusual.

Also...because your PC muscle heals quickly, you’ll begin noticing that you’re waking up with harder erections and that’s always a good thing -- especially if woman is sleeping next to you, and she wakes up horny.

Personally, I recommend that you complete your exercises every single day for the rest of your natural life.

Ok. Let’s get down to business:


I’m going to give you TWO (2) quick and easy ways to locate your pc muscle. Here they are:

1) The next time you go to the bathroom and start to pee, try to stop the urinary flow midway.

If you can stop yourself from peeing (for a sec or two), then you’ve successfully located your PC muscle. If you can’t stop yourself from peeing, then you need to start doing these exercises ASAP to maintain penile fitness.

2) When you have an erection, squeeze your PC muscle and try to make your penis jump. If you can do this, then you’ve successfully located your PC muscle.

Once you’ve hard and made your penis jump a few times... put a finger on the EXACT spot underneath your penis where you feel “the jump”. THIS spot is your PC muscle.

If you can’t make your penis jump, then I think you will need today’s email more than you know.

So right now, I will waste no time in giving you two (2) quick and easy exercises that you can do to harden your erections. Let’s get into it.


I’m about to give you two quick and easy exercises that will give you harder erections in less than 2 weeks.

Here are the benefits that come along with doing these erection strengthening PC exercises:

- Last longer in bed

- Ejaculate harder and farther

- Harder erections

- Better feeling orgasms

- Wake up in the morning with rock-hard erections

- And more!

Alright, let’s get into it. Here are the exercises:


* Step 1: FULLY squeeze and release your PC muscle over and over again. Begin with one set of 30, and then slowly work your way up to over 100.

* Step 2: Squeeze your PC as tightly as you possibly can (make sure it’s only your PC muscle that you’re squeezing). Hold it for 20 seconds. After you’ve done this, rest for 30 seconds. Repeat this step 5 times.

That’s it really. A quick and easy, YET hightly-effective exercise that you can use to harden your erections. Life IS great aint it?

Next exercise:


* 1 Simple Step: Simply begin squeezing and releasing your PC muscle for 2 MINUTES a day and eventually work your way up to doing it for 20 MINUTES at least 3 times a day.

You should eventually be able to perform at least 200 repetitions (if not more) per 2-minute session.

That’s it! Now go ahead, plop on the couch, pop open a beer, and turn on Survivor. Your long-hard day of exercising is finally over.

Seriously though...

Take these TWO (2) exercises that i have given you to harden your erections. Because it really doesn’t matter if you have the biggest penis in the world... if you can’t get it UP, then it’s no good.

And just so you know, there are a TON of ADVANCED erection strengthening exercises that you can use to give yourself rock hard erections literally overnight in the course that I recommend below (you can begin doing them right now!).

You can get these potently-effective exercises by visiting here:

Penis Enlargement Program

To your penis enlargement success, and future success with women!

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